5 Benefits of Messy Play

Confidence builder

It can seem that when children first engage in messy/sensory play they're full of confidence and keen to get stuck in. As they get a little older, sometimes, they become a little less confident, maybe apprehensive. Remember we spend a lot of time telling our little ones not to play with their food or try not to spill anything etc and then we give them the exact opportunity with these kind of activities.

Physical development

All that squishing, crunching and squeezing is great for your little ones physical development. It can strengthen muscles, develop hand-eye coordination. Children can work on controlling their movements. Fine and gross motor skills will improve and they can work on their spatial awareness too.

Communication, speech and language.

Messy play provides a great opportunity to expand vocabulary and engage in some imaginative conversations. Children can be encouraged to talk about what they see, how something feels or smells. Younger children who might be less able to verbally communicate can use the equipment and gestures to show you what they are doing.

Imagination and curiosity

This speaks for itself. Allowing the children to get stuck into an activity that gives them the opportunity to explore and experiment with no end goal is a fabulous way for them to be imaginative and curious in their play. The beauty of messy play is there are no restrictions!

Sensory development

Messy and sensory play allows children to explore and understand their senses. It will help them to develop an understanding of the world around them and likes or dislikes that they have.

Written 08/01/2021 by Lauren Middleton